The Excello association lies at the interface between research and practical educational applications.

It’s not just a matter of creating these tools, but of testing them through randomized research, then developing them into teaching manuals to provide teachers with complete, scientifically-validated solutions.

Our team

Stanislas Dehaene

Founder of Excello


Founder of Excello

Marie Lubineau

Post-doctoral researcher

Dylan Sarrazyn


Antoine Thoraval

Lab Manager

Antoine Thoraval

Research assistant

Collège de France Foundation

Excello is a part of
Agir pour l’éducation initiative, launched in 2022 by Collège de France professors

Agir pour l’éducation is built around two main pillars: a series of public lectures on learning and teaching methodologies, and research projects and educational actions led by Collège de France professors. Excello’s role in this initiative underlines our commitment to use cognitive science tools to revolutionize the learning and teaching of fundamental reading and mathematical skills, in line with our mission to transform education through research and innovation.

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